Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Rap entourages are a deadly hangout

After incessantly hearing two or three songs by thug rapper '50 Cent' in the past few weeks, it all came to a head for me.

Yesterday, as I drove home I listened to one of the Twin Cities' popular FM stations. One of the hosts asked listeners if they had ever ridden in or owned an armored vehicle (cleverly tying the question into a news tidbit they had read only moments earlier about 50 Cent being a bit disappointed that nobody had shot at him after spending almost $250,000 on armoring his ride).

This takes place after a scuffle outside of New York City's Hot 97 radio studios where an argument took place and shots were fired.

Somehow, while sleeping last night, I dreamt myself into being part of 50's entourage where we were traveling with his newest protege, 'The Game'. I suppose even Eminem and Dr. Dre were there. The whole damn Chronic crew. Oh, hell, maybe even the fat dude from D-12.

Anyhow, in this dream, 50's ride was shot at. This created quite an issue for me having never been shot at, for one. And secondly, being new to the rap game, I was more than a little shook up by having shots fired at me. Apparently I was grunting and shuffling vigorously as my wife told me tonight and I woke up quite sweaty as I apparently acted out the real emotions of being shot at in my sleep.

Thank God I have a strong bladder, that could have been embarrassing.

I think this incident may mark the culmination of my life as a part of any rap entourage.

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Tinker said...

that is a funny post! LOL!