Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A mish-mash of Wednesday fun

A certain site out in the world wide waste of time has some interesting movies and recipes.

While I, in no way, condone eating babies (although their supple flesh and lack of hardened bones makes me wonder... no must resist) it makes me wonder why on earth would someone dedicate their free time to creating and maintaining a site like this but after rethinking it I can relate. Being a creative professional, I sometime create some rather odd, bizarre and interesting stuff when time permits. Most ideas never make it much of anywhere but I could see me coming up with something like a site dedicated to eating babies - though I am more of a print media type of guy so mine would likely be in brochure and poster form.

Of course, some people out there are just vulgar enough to think of actually carrying out such a twisted fantasy. Take Pat O'Brien, for example. He recently (supposedly) left a string of rather profanity-filled messages on what is reported to be a Hollywood celebrity. To me, it sounds legit but how much can you trust something on the internet - especially when it comes out at a time when 'The Insider' host was admitted to rehab for alcoholism and was reported to have sexually harassed a number of female employees on his former show, 'Entertainment Tonight".

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