Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Let her leave peacefully

Why, when we are entrenched in some dead-end war in Iraq, facing the highest gas prices EVER and looking down a road filled with escalating crises involving energy supplies and grabbing the land where the remaining fuel lies is the focus being shifted to something so God-awful-stupid as a feeding tube being removed from a woman who has no brain wave activity and hasn't for approximately 15 years?

What really pisses me off is that some slack-jawed, bible toting ass of a judge in Georgia has agreed to give the parents of Terry Schiavo another hearing. She has been without the feeding tube for 15 or so days. When will common sense about letting someone pass peacefully win out over the feelings of parents wanting to keep their brain-dead daughter alive by artificial means for over a decade while witnessing no improvement?

When will a nation obsessed with 24-hour 'news' ever get a firm grasp on the real issues?

Since when is a woman in a nursing home and the decisions surrounding her artificial life or her long-overdue peaceful passing served to Americans as NEWS?

Wake up America.

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