Monday, March 21, 2005

Keep church and state separate, oil supply crisis

It's been in the knews for a number of days now. The saga about the vegetative for over 15 years Terry Schiavo. Her husband (and legal guardian by law) had stated numerous times that prior to her becoming camatose, they had discussed what she wanted should something like this ever happen. Then the parents got involved and wanted to save their daughter. While that is the normal reaction, after 15 years it isn't the most logical thing to do. Thinking that after 15 years of being a vegetable and doctor after doctor stating that she will never snap out of this coma is reason enough to pull the feeding tube. In no way is it assisted suicide of euthanasia.

And now I read about the US government's involvement - which even prompted old bible banging, left wing slamming, good 'ole boy George W. Bush to return to Washington early from one of his too numerous to count vacations.

The parents of Terri Schiavo asked a judge to reinsert the brain-damaged woman's feeding tube Monday, following an extraordinary political fight that consumed both chambers of Congress and prompted the president to rush back to the White House.

My question is this: why is something like this making national headlines and consuming a part of the three or so months per year in which our legislators and congress men and women actual debate and create laws - effetively governing our country? Why are they making an issue out of this just a week after they debated the legalities of steroids in professional baseball? Why isn't the focus on the declining state of our country as a whole? Record-high oil prices with experts saying the supply of oil is nearing a collapse of sorts, the health care crisis, obesity, unemployment, outsourcing, taxes, schools, transportation, that little war in Iraq.

Focus on the issues and let the state deal with the feeding tube. Let the baseball commissioner deal with steroids and let's let our overworked president get back to his precious 6 months of vacation per year, huh?

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