Sunday, March 06, 2005

Gone for a week, Minnesota goes to hell in a handbasket

Yea, my absence was unexplained but who cares -- I'm back now and you can now enjoy my rantings and observations once again.

My time away from home was spent in Aruba. In case you are wondering where Aruba is, it is off the northern edge of Venezuela. In case you are wondering where Venezuela is, go back to your fourth grade geography course and I am sure that the teacher will be more than happy to slap you across the face for being 27 years old and completely ignorant.

A week in sunny and warm Aruba was amazing. I am not sure how much things actually cost but I know that driving 100 kilometers per hour is a simple feat. The car, however, was another matter. The cars there are definitely of a European flavor. We had a Suzuki Alto for the better part of the week and witnessed crazy taxi drivers, odd sized portions of items such as 11.33 oz. cans of Coke, which was bottled in Aruba. I also discovered that a 47 cent can of malt liquor is an example of getting what you pay for. We also learned, upon arriving back at the airport in Bloomington, that gas was apparently cheaper in Aruba when converted to US dollars per gallon as opposed to Aruban Guilders per liter. Yes, in one week the price of gas made history around these parts by cracking the $2.00 per gallon barrier.

I also discovered, that when landing in New York City's JFK airport 50 minutes of time between flights translates to about 20 minutes. There is nothing better than being sandwiched between two people as you wait on the tarmac to get to the gate after taxiing for 15 minutes. Needless to say we nearly ran to make our flight and made it as they announced the final boarding call. We made it but our luggage didn't. That's another story better left to myself as Delta says it will arrive by 10 PM tonight. I am not holding my breath.

I'll talk later about just what a hassle checking out from Aruba is and maybe slides in some pics of the scenery.

For now, enjoy the fine Sunday night and I will continue to catch up on things that need to be caught up on after being away for a week.

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