Monday, March 28, 2005

Family ties

Now that Easter is over we can bask in the relative warmth that has graced our state. Just over a week ago it snowed nearly a foot and today some optimistic bank thermometers, including the one on the sign at our office, registered nearly 70 degrees. I think our's topped out at 68. That simple fact, coupled with today's dat of March 28, means that spring can be no more than five weeks away.

Mondays are also a time to play catch up for me. I usually work no more than 8 1/2 hours so it leaves me with a few extra hours at home to get things done. Tonight I am e-mailing a few pics to a relative in Denmark who has been in correspondence with various relatives throughout my dad's family. He may even travel here to Duluth, MN to run inthe Gradnma's Marathon in June of this year. That would be interesting to see a rather close relative in person who has direct ties to the land where my grandpa came from. It is also interesting for my dad because he has so little information about his dad and why he came here and where he came from, not to mention just how many relatives he left behind in Denmark.

This is really cool when you think about it. He tracked us down and now my dad has a bit more information about his heritage beyond knowing that his dad came from a small town near Copenhagen, Denmark.

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