Friday, March 11, 2005

Cold and flu season hits home

The first cold of the cold/flu season for me. In true illness fashion this one is taking its toll and I swear to God that if I find the sorry bastard who passed this on to me I will sternly remind them to wash their hands and cover their mouth when sneezing or coughing.

I have had plenty which have been worse. This one is simply the type which has me twelve different types of congested to the point of having a headache last night and making me dizzy and feeling disconnected on my drive to work this morning. I thought about ducking out early but I will stick it out through the entire day as my desk is heavily weighted with projects that have sat here for two weeks already.

This weekend also brings the annual St. Patrick's Day celebration not too far from where we live. Being Irish I will be sure to be there. No cold can keep me from proving to the entire world that I am Irish.

Dizziness is back. Damn I hate this cold. Need more sleep.

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