Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Call me the world's youngest curmudgeon

As I write this, I ponder whether or not I am aging gracefully. It seems to me that the past two years have been a HUGE downward spiral. I am far less active and require a lot more sleep than I did just a mere 24 months ago. Nothing against where I now live but this area combined with my aforementioned lack of physical activity coupled with a long commute to work and a workday which is more monotinous than the day of an employee in a cracker factory, I am becoming increasingly old at an alarming pace.

I remember the days not that long ago when I wold tear things up with friends at a bar or softball game during the week and not think twice about staying up past midnight knowing all too well that I had to be to work the next morning at the early hour of 7 AM.

This thought pops into my head as I close in on turning 26 years old in just over three weeks. And just another insulting and unnecessary punch in the balls is that my birthday, for once, falls on a Saturday. By all means I intend to once again tear things up back in the homeland with the old friends but I know that I am not that same 19 year old that could go on a four-day bender and still function the day after each night's debauchery.

Come to think of it, I don't even drink like I did not too long ago. Even less than two years ago I never gave it a second thought to pound down three, four, five or ten beers after work. My, how things have changed.

Now my days consist of driving home for 35 minutes after work. I attempt to do a few household chores, cook a tasty supper, possibly balance the checkbook, pay some bills and spend some quality time with the missus all before 10 PM which is definitely winding down towards the definite bedtime.

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Tinker said...

Okay...for 26 I think you need to have just a little more spark than what this post is saying about you. Get out there! You can still tear some things up! :)