Thursday, February 10, 2005

What's the deal with North Korea

The isolated communist nation of North Korea admitted today that they are in possession of nuclear weapons. Or as W would say, Nookleer Weapons. Anyhow, our wet behind the ears Secretary of State Condi Rice warned that North Korea should avoid confrontation. Sending a sort of message of America's power and willingness to invade countries at will, you know, to 'spread and install democratic governments. In other words, to impose our views on countries we do not see eye to eye with.

North Korea's view is that they need these weapons to protect themselves from an increasingly hostile (not to mention war and land hungry) U.S.

These opposing views each have their legitimate points. The bigger point, however, is that we as a country are trying to disarm nations when part of our very constitution includes the right to bear arms. While the constitution and in turn this phrase are over 200 years old, the need to protect one's self from outside aggression stands true today. I, for one, would be worried too if the American government and military had threatened to invade my homeland and install a government more to their liking under the guise of it being in the better interest of the people who live there.

That view is simply a bunch of shit. The U.S. government and its military has become just what North Korean official stated, more hostile. Just what is going on behind the scenes of our military can only be imagined and what I say next may sound absurd to some but is the truth when you live in an era where corruption lies around each turn.

Question everything. Question the motives of our officials. Do your own foot work to uncover the real truth behind the actions of our government. And lastly, not to sound too cliched, trust nobody. It is quickly becoming that type of world where nobody can be trusted.

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