Friday, February 25, 2005

Starved for ideas or just starved...

An interesting little 'friday fiver' I dug up today. Play your cards right and I'll reveal more self-info in this way later today...
1. Do you own a camera? Describe it:
Yes. Nikon Coolpix 5700. I've shot an entire wedding with it and it has made a trip to my buddy's parent's cabin and on our honeymoon to Hawaii. I think it is paid off too but I have since run up that credit card's balance again. It only has the lense attached to it so don't bug me about being some nerdy technogeek who sinks every last dime into gadgets. Got it, NOT A NERD. NEXT...

2. Do you prefer digital or film?
I have worked at a newspaper since 1998 and we were ingrained deeply with film, which still has its benefits, but made the switch to entirely digital in 2000. Since then I have used both but prefer digital for its low cost.

3. When is the last time you posed for a picture?
Posed on New Year's eve for some drunken photos which will come back to haunt me someday, hopefully later rather than sooner.

4. Tell us about your favorite photograph:
Not one to play favorites. Each has its merits but I do have quite a few I simply despise. I just hope to regain the pictures from my refrigerator which I lost in our recent move.

5. Use the flash or flash the camera?
Both. Various portions of my anatomy, below the belt, have been captured on both film and video. Theose pictures make for great conversation.


I am hungry. It is early and I am already aching for lunch. Send me ideas for lunch.

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