Friday, February 04, 2005

A random rant about everything and anything

It seems like forever since I have spewed forth my random bits of wisdom from my everyday life. Oh, sure I could explain how I've been busy settling into the new pad or how my longer commute eats up critical portions of my afternoon - not to mention my morning. But those wouldn't be excuses. We HAVE been working every spare minute that we are home. We still have a few boxes of random stuff to hang up or shove into the dark recesses of some distant closet. I am still working on a solution to conquer the Japanese beatle and Box Elder bug infestation in our home. I hypothesized last night that if we spray the gaps in the window trim, blast the basement and fog the entire house, we may claim a small vistory. Of course we could end up poisoning our food, and in turn ourselves, but that is a problem which I will deal with later. The perfect time to deal with most any sort of problem is later.

Which segues into problem number B. Yes B is now a number as actual numbers are infinite in supply, a letter sends more of a sense of urgency due to the limited supply of only 26.

Problem B is that Wednesday afternoon my low oil light came on in my car only seconds after I filled up on overpriced imported gasoline. That isn't a good light. I immediately shut off my car and popped the hood to pull the dipstick. Nothing. Not a drop showing up on that oh so important strip of metal. Nada.

I poured in a quart from my trunk and then made the venture across the street to a rather pricey auto parts store where I paid $2.29 for another quart of oil - formulated for high-mileage vehicles. I figured I owed the old girl a treat due to my apparent automotive abuse.

I made it home and today is Friday. No signs of oil issues after giving the oil filter a twist but I know deep in my heart that when I change oil in it tomorrow - for the first time since Halloween - there will be nowhere near five quarts in the drain pan. My guess is around three.

The reward for all this hard work from the past two weeks is Saturday evening's Eskimo Days celebration. Oh sure the temperature in the afternoon is expected to tp out around 50 but it's February. Cold weather time. But we'll deal with what we're dealt.

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Tinker said...

i too have been negligent on changing my has been longer than october for me. i have an appointment to change it sunday morning