Thursday, February 24, 2005

O'Reilly truly is a bastard

Tuesday night, as I waited for 'Scrubs' to come on at 8 PM, I flipped to the evil neighbor. Yes, I watched a few minutes of the lie-filled FOX News Channel. Before I get to the meat of the story, let me ask how if they promise to be fair and balanced and with truth in advertising laws, can they call the ape dung they spew forth news?

ANyhow, it was the 7 PM hour which meant that the second biggest sex addict this side of some two headed bastard comprised of Michael Jackson and Marv Albert was on the air. Yep, Bill O'Reilly. His little one-hour dog and pony show is about as informational as watching a week's worth of Jerry Springer and Howard Stern shows.

His unfortunate guests that night ranged from a teacher discussing something pertaining to education which he ripped relentlessly and repeatedly cut off in mid-sentence. I felt sorry for her but even more sorry for the next guest. A female student from UC San Diego who was part of a group distrubuting a student-produced newspaper. O'Reilly's talking point was that the paper was tax payer funded (which the student tried to explain that it wasn't) and full of garbage.

The host then stated that the chancellor of the university, He should shut this thing down. THe student then rebutted, before being cut off once again, 'She has that choi..."

Back with more of 'The Factor" after this.

What a bastard. Where would a liberal be able to get away with such one-sided arguments and statements full of lies?

Oh, Fox News, why do you still exist? Is it to enrage me and fill my cable lineup with yet another channel I will never watch?

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