Monday, February 14, 2005

Health insurance woes, Strib asks for details

The letter that follows is mine which I wrote in response to a posting asking for the woes of health insurance costs for those younger employees in today's workforce ranging from 25-34 years old.

Mr. Lee,

I am writing today in response to the front page inquiry about health insurance woes from local residents. I am 25 years old and married and have been employed full-time at my current job for two years. I picked up the company-sponsored health insurance program last September when I became married as my wife's employer offers no health insurance plan.

The real woes began immediately as I was socked with premiums of over $450 per month. The dillemma comes to a head soon as we purchased a house and must now decide between affording the monthly bills and the new mortgage or slashing spending somewhere to afford health insurance when premiums likely increase in May when the new plans take effect. A bit of hindsight tells me that in the past two years, premiums have increased 25% annually. That scares me as I dread what the increases will be this year.


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