Friday, February 18, 2005

Doldrums, on a Friday, NEVER

It came to my attention that our lives haven't been the most exciting thing to be living as of late. Apparently it is my duty, as a husband, to entertain and scare away boredom at all times. I, for one, used to be somewhat competent at this. Things have changed. We live a distance away from my group of friends who on any given day can be the most fun or the most dull people to spend tme with. Most of the time things are entertaining but there is the rare occassion that things simply suck. I will admit to being able to entertain myself but with others, I am not so good. I am more of a group entertainer. Preferably three or more people and I do quite well. One on one, I am a trainwreck. I need at least two personalities to play off of or a bad time will be had by all.

Then there is the world of my wife. She has been sick for nearly two weeks. Her doctor has told her that she needs to walk, at a brisk pace, for thirty minutes each day at least five times each week. Being sick, she told me, has made it so each time she ventures outdoors into the cold air her hacking cough gets worse. I am stuck in a world where she is sick and wants nothing more than to sleep and catch up on the lack of sleep from hacking with a cough each night for the past ten or so days which leaves her bored. It is also no picnic for me as I have to try my best to remain quiet or face the wrath of a woman who was woke from her slumber before the proper time.

I, however, can be easily entertained. Insert your own joke here but I find ways to keep myself busy. That is one of the reasons I created this blog over a year ago was to fend off bits of boredom and occupy my time in a more efficient manner.

I could occupy my time by drinking alcohol but that costs money. Someday, though, i picture myself as the type of old man, maybe even middle-aged, who if we still live in this same town will give the local bars quite alot of business. I can picture myself as the type of guy who would sit at the bar for hours at a time discussing mundane topics with the other patrons and annoy the piss out of the bartender as I would be known as 'that drunk who never leaves'.

The only problem with that is I am not much of a people person. Sure, people like me after they get to know me but I am choosy. Just like I am choosy when it comes to food to eat, I am the same way with people.

I would write more but supper is eady. Yes, fish stick Fridays continue throughout the Lenten season. Not sure what the Lenten Season is. Damn you heathens -- look it up. It's called GOOGLE. Try it.

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