Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Could Iran be next?

As I sat last night, preparing for bed, I caught the first edition of Jon Stewart and The Daily Show in over two years. Yes, cable TV has again re-appeared in our house and it has been a welcome release from the never ending amount of work we have tackled in the past two weeks.

It also got me wondering as Stewart interviewed Seymour Hersh, a writer for the respected New Yorker magazine. In this recycled episode, Hersh told of ongoing operations taking place by the American military in Iran (Iraq's neighbor) to scout locations for swift bombing attacks - presumably sooner rather than later.

This led myself and Mary into a discussion about how unjust such an unprovoked attack would be. It also led her to wonder just how secretive and corrupt our current government truly is. I countered with the observation that the government has always been a group of cover-up artists but just in the past five years has it led to the death of numerous Americans at home and abroad. We belong in Afghanistan and more probably Saudi Arabia rather than Iraq, which we learned rather quickly posed no immediate threat to us. Iran is another can of worms.

Iran is a country shrouded in such secrecy that we are unsure about their intentions but the phrase 'let sleeping dogs lie' comes to mind. Another phrase I can relate to Iran is 'if it ain't broke, don't try to fix it'. This is the country that could truly bring about the reality of nuclear attacks if they are provoked. Diplomacy, like the bulk of Europe is involved in, is the true way to bring about peace. Though Bush has the hairbrained idea to spread Democracy throughout the 'neighborhood'.

Crazy cowboy, democracy isn't for everyone.

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