Thursday, February 03, 2005

A chorus of boos from the crowd...

As I stated earlier this week, February usually brings around the president's state of the union address in which he brags about accomplishments from the past year and lays out goals for the upcoming year.

Last night's speech was no different. Bragging about 'progress' (over 1,000 of our own soldier dead is progress - towards decreasing populations) in Iraq and stating his intentions (though vaguely) about Social Security reform.

That plan is what brought boos from the crowd.

"He's saying we've got to take more money out of Social Security to start private accounts and borrow the money," said Sen. Kent Conrad, D-N.D., a target of Bush's travels. "I just think it's very unwise."

Other Democrats said Bush's program could reduce guaranteed government benefits for
younger Americans by 40 percent.

Bush offered no information on that point Wednesday night as he outlined his plans in broad strokes. Aides said that by leaving many key details vague, he intended to give GOP congressional leaders room to piece together legislation that can command a majority.

He laid down a few markers, though, saying he will not agree to increase payroll taxes
and wants provisions to keep lower-income Americans above the poverty line
during retirement.

In a time when more and more Americans live far beyond their means, I don't believe that personal accounts for retirement can be relied upon. This is one of a few times that I will say that our money is better off in the hands of the government.

I applaud those, too, that had the courage to vocalize their disapproval for Bush's Social Security plan. I only hope that their vocalization carries through to voting against a plan with so few specifics.

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