Monday, February 14, 2005

Bush requests more money for game in Iraq

That smug wanna-be-southern-bastard is at it again. Beyond Bush's insane budget request of over $2.5 trillion recently, today he requested over $80 billion in additional funding for the ongoing war in Iraq. He appears, on the outside, to think that this money is free. Something that just comes from space, but that will be a costly misbelief as our country slides further into debt and closer to a sure collapse.

This money is earmarked to fund training of new troops in Iraq and Afghanistan where our troops already stationed there are expected to stay for two additional years, making the homecoming date for many of the nearly 150,000 troops in Iraq early in 2007.

The monies requested are above and beyond the nearly $200 billion already spent in the two countries during America's global quest for something. As it hasn't turned up any weapons of mass destruction (that search has been called off) and strikes against our troops continue on an almost daily basis, it makes those with any attention span question the true motives.

It hasn't lowered petroleum prices. They are currently at all-time highs and my latest fill-up of nearly $27.00 will attest to that.

It hasn't made our country a safer, more secure place. The continuing steps such as the possibility of RFID tags being placed in driver's licenses (or federal ID cards) make the oncoming invasion of 'Big Brother' more of a reality with each passing day.

What, indeed, are America's motives in the middle-east and which country will be the next target? Iran? North Korea? Syria? Saudi Arabia? Which leads us to the all too real possibility of an involuntary draft or mandatory military service for all graduating high school seniors across social and economical lines, even the possibility of a special skills draft. None of the options are too appealing. Imagine how ineffective an army made up of soldiers who have no interest at all of being there would be. How big of hypocrites would our nation's leaders be after the recently made a pledge against any form of draft but are still readying for one in a very much behind the scenes way?

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