Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Where is my damned snow?

I never thought that NOT having snow would piss me off so much. I wake up some days, eager as a seven-year-old waiting for school to be cancelled, just to look out the window hoping for a thick blanket of white to cover the ground. I haven't had that luxury throughout this winter season.

I hear that snow today has fallen as close as 50 miles to the south, and 50 miles to the west also.

It just doesn't feel like a change of seasons unless we are thoroughly socked in with snow. I am not an 'old-timer' by any means but I remember plenty of times as recent as the infamous winter of 2000-01 where driving was rendered impossible by enough snow to scare an eskimo. I recall one day when i dashed home for lunch and left my car running, knowing I would only be a few minutes. A few minutes turned into 30 minutes and in that time, enough snow had fallen to merit brushing off my entire car - top to bottom and front to rear. Those were the days, indeed.

The ground is so dirty, everything now seems so harsh. This metro area is proving to be very gritty looking. All I am asking for is a mere few feet of snow. Just to make up for the lack of it thus far. That's not too much of a stretch of the imagination. After all, it snowed just yesterday in the mountains surrounding San Diego. Last time I checked, San Diego is damn near in Mexico. And the last time I checked to find out just where in the hell Mexico is, it appears to be a damn lot further south than Minnesota.

The question remains to be answered, WHY ISN'T IT SNOWING HERE? C'mon Paul Douglas, you nerdy little bastard with all your fancy weather prediction tools, I WANT ANSWERS. What's that? No answers. Fuck you. I'll ask Ken Barlow. He's alot more likeable anyway.

I have a shovel, and with a little luck a house soon which has a driveway. And when there's snow - I'll be sure to shovel it entirely out of my driveway. It seems counterproductive - wishing for snow so I can sufer in the cold, bitching about how much it sucks to shovel this crap. I promise, I won't complain. Two feet is all I need. PLEASE. I am begging now.

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