Monday, January 31, 2005

Weekend misadventures

It's been a few days since I vocalized myself here but there's a damn good reason. I was busy on Friday waiting for the cable guy to drag his lazy ass to our new home so we can enjoy all the miracles cable television has to offer. ($83 for about 100 channels + high speed internet) That was Friday, though.

Friday also brought us on a shopping adventure for the ages as we ventured into not one, but two local grocery stores, Target, Menard's as well as dinner at Culver's. Possibly the worst Culver's I have dined at. I received the wrong sandwich but ate it because by 8 PM I was rather hungry and the missus received her mushroom and swiss meal undercooked. It was still pink on the inside but I did the right thing, I told her to go bitch about it. Hey, it builds character.

Saturday brough the wonders of painting. But prior to painting, one must prepare the walls. That means spackling nail holes and taping off the miles upon miles of woodwork and trim. That process, with ten foot ceilings included, took me bits and pieces of the entire afternoon. I also had to paint the loftier regions of the walls due to the fact that I could reach them as opposed to Mary who couldn't. Needless to say, the living room now looks sassier than ever.

The other adventure of our drab and dull weekend came early this morning as I was preparing my lunch for work. I heard the washing machine running. It is actually rather hard to NOT hear it running as it is loud. Hold on, loud is an understatement. It sounds like three midgets inside a steel drum beating the clothes contained inside with a handful of log chains. For being rather new, it just isn't that quiet. It makes me wonder why it is so abnormally loud.

Oh, the adventures of homeownership. I am sure this is just the beginning of my discoveries. After all, it took me 20 minutes to replace a furnace filter due to the fact that some jackass had shoved not one, but two into the dark depths of our furnace.

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