Wednesday, January 19, 2005

The visitation

We just arrived home after attending the visitation of my deceased friend.

As we pulled into the parking lot in the town I grew up in, I realized how real it all was. We saw cars of those we knew and as we entered, we saw those familiar faces. Those faces were experiencing the same emotions as we were. We saw his parents who I am only slightly familiar with but Softball Player Guy is like another son to them.

Everyone in attendance saw what it was that made B.T.'s life enjoyable. His love for pool, fishing, boating, his cat and his career in drafting hence my nickname for him of Drafting Guy. There were literally hundreds of pictures of him as he grew from an infant until pictures of the Christmas that just passed.

The story of his passing is sad. He was ready to accept a job offer in the same Twin Cities where I live with my wife. He was preparing to put his house od the real estate market and he never got to make his next move. He died in the early morning hours of Wednesday, January 12, 2005. 26 years old. Entirely too young.

Everyone misses him.

The saddest moment I have experienced in a long time was seeing him in that casket. Seeing him as I last remembered him from the last time I saw him in person - at our wedding this past September.

I'll never forget one of my best friends.

I'll experience the same emotions tomorrow as I return home for the funeral. He can finally be at peace. He's off to a better place and a long time down the road, we'll meet up again. I see ya' again someday B.T.

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