Wednesday, January 26, 2005

TCF's ties to the GOP

Yes, we have all heard (at least if you have read either the Star Tribune, People magazine of the City Pages in the last month) about the brouhaha between local Star Tribune columnist Nick Coleman and TCF V.P. and Power Line blogger, Big Trunk.

In today's City Pages they uncover some hefty donations from the banking institution to the republican party. The paper also tried to contact the V.P./blogger about his ethics in the matter and the issue of TCF pulling their advertising from the Strib but Big Trunk (as he is known in the blogosphere) refused to talk on the record and promptly hung up the phone.

Read the article for yourself and decide if this is truly a financial institution which you would like to continue doing business with. Especially from customer accounts which I have heard when deposits routinely take 5-7 business days to clear your account, resulting in numerous overdraft fees for customers. A truly shady organization with even shadier campaign contributions.

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