Saturday, January 15, 2005

Somber Saturday

I got the call around 3:30 PM. Softball Player Guy asked if I had heard anything and then asked if I was sitting down.

He then proceeded to tell me that Drafting Guy, our friend since middle school and before, had supposedly killed himself Thursday night.

We talked for a few minutes and we brainstormed ideas on how to find out if it was true and more details.

He called me back a few minutes later to say that Drafting Guy's older brother had kicked in his door today and found him dead.

I can't even to begin imagining what could have brought him to killing himself. He was 26 years old and a friend to all of us. I only wish that we could have kept growing up together. So many years ahead of himself and yet something had to be bothering him enough for him to see suicide as the only way out. He went far too soon.

We'll miss ya.

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