Saturday, January 08, 2005

Politics as usual, good at boiling my blood

Alright, as I searched out for a certain movie time tonight, I found some headlines that intrigued me. Life this one stating that Bush is beginning his second term as president with his approval rating extremely low. The article goes on to state the even more troubling than this fact is that congress' marks are even LOWER. This comes at a time when republican-dominated congress and the president are aiming to privitize social security - letting Americans roll the dice with their only secure retirement money by putting it in the stock market. People, by default, are stupid and cannot be counted upon to secure their own future. This is the one area where Americans need the help of the government. Apparently, governemnt's aim to be less popular with the people than ever is WORKING.

Why, when we knew as a country that one of the goals was to privitize social security, did 59,000,000 raging southern state JACKASSES vote for him? That just reaffirms my point that the majority of Americans are just plain STUPID.

This concludes an extremely rare Saturday evening post. I now return to finding a movie time.

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