Saturday, January 15, 2005

More news from home

In the previous post, I wrote that my friend's death was supposedly a suicide. All of us assumed the worst but we had some incorrect information.

Drafting Guy was actually discovered in his garage and another friend of our's may have been the last one to see him as they had played pool Tuesday night at one of the local bars. Tuesday night may also be the time of his death. It is now being ruled out as a suicide as a cop friend of mine is at Softball Player Guy's house the last time we talked a few minutes ago. I hate being so distanced from the situation as I know how rough this is on Softball Player Guy. He had been friends with Drafting Guy since their early years in elementary school. I came to know both of them when I entered middle school. I hate being this far away when we most need each other's support.

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Ed Adkins said...

I experienced similar feelings last year when a college buddy of mine commited suicide out of nowhere. I couldn't be there to help my friends, or even get their help- since I had moved away.

I still uncover feelings I have to deal with. a friend's death is so senseless, permanant and overwhelming. Sorry you have to go thru it like that.