Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Monkey increases budget shortfall

In another in a series of what could be classified as retarded moves, Bush projects the 2005 fiscal year budget shortfall at $427 billion dollars.

Yes, that's almost a half-trillion dollars. This figure, of course, is before the even more enormous shortfall if Bush's head-in-ass plan to privatize social security and divert even more dollars from the government coffers. My only question, then, is exactly where is this nearly half-trillion dollars going and how did things go so far downhill in the past four years. I remember that there was actually a surplus under the majority of the Clinton presidency.

It's time for the government to come clean as to where the money is going. What kind of wasteful and secret projects are they working on and exactly how are they effecting us because we are the ones paying for the waste.

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