Wednesday, January 12, 2005

How NOT to get on my good side

There are a number of things in the realm of being socially accepted that you should not od.

Tonight's entry to that list comes from the post office. Yes, the source of all frustration from that decade far ago - the 90's.

When there is someone behind you, move it along. Well tonight I was stuck behind someone - obviously inconsiderate to say the least - who went beyond simply taking his time dropping his letters in the box.

I let my mind wander as to what may have been taking place inside his white Chevy Blazer. Maybe he was slapping stamps on the envelopes, but at the pace he was moving he must have been drawing his own stamps.

He could have been addressing the envelopes before mailing them. But at the pace things were progressing, he may have been carving the addresses into a stone tablet with a toothpick.

Or maybe the man in front of me in the white Chevy Blazer was making a phone call - long distance to SATURN.

Or my favorite figment of my overly creative imagination. He was making a seven deck sandwich. Complete with freshly cooked bacon, swiss cheese imported from, of all places, Switzerland and Grey Poupon mustard.

Pompous asshole suburbanite - get the hell out of my way and make your damned sandwiches at home. Prick.

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