Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Home purchase update

Well, we are supposed to close on our new home (new to us, anyway) a mere week from this upcoming Friday (Jan. 14th to be exact). Yes, WE GET TO MOVE! Up until midway through last week, everything had gone rather smoothly.

Until I received a call from the mortgage company. It appears that the appraiser had just returned from his visit to the home and the value he arrived at was low. Much lower than we had agreed to purchase the home for. Our mortgage officer assured me in a rather unassuring way that 99.99% (just like Ivory soap, 99.99% pure) of appraisals go quite smoothly with few to no kinks whatsoever. In fact, she said, ours was the first which hadn't appraised at the selling price. SHe had never seen this before and was perplexed.

So here we sit, an entire week after the initial appraisal with the seller's realtor grasping at straws using a 6-month old appraisal to try to close the deal at the original purchase price. A price that I would rather not discuss. The seller's realtor, in my opinion and feeling, has yet to tell his clients that there are some rather significant kinks in this deal. If they knew about these issues, as they well should know, they would be sweating bullets having recently divorced (as I am told) and already having moved to separate residences. It would be in their best financial interest (and for mental well-being as well) to know about this rather glaring issue which could potentially slam the fucking door - hard and crush our little deal.

A deal that I spent more than a few hours sweating and agonizing over with nundreds of faxes, phone calls and hours crunching numbers so we wouldn't have to survive on stale bread, water and ramen noodles. Our precious little deal. It was almost finished but thanks to the laws of finance, it just might be CRUSHED. I petted and nuzzled this deal. We packed alot of boxes in anticipation of our cute little deal moving through the processes smoothly. Now, it just might be DEAD.

I have to learn CPR. Maybe I can save the deal. Maybe we'll end up HOMELESS. Happy new year for all of you who have a roof over your head. Lucky bastards.

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