Monday, January 10, 2005

FOX slides even lower

While watching the Minnesota Vikings - Green Bay Packers game yesterday, I witnessed the always controversial Randy Moss score his secodn touchdown of the game. After he got up from the end zone turf, he ran towards the goal post and proceeded to pull off a faux mooning gesture to the Packer fans seated in the end zone. Of course, the FOX network cameras, who were broadcasting the game, caught his antics. This is nothing to those of us in Minnesota who may remember Moss' run-in a few years back with a Minneapolis traffic cop where he pushed her for a few feet as she directed traffic. Of course, he was let off with little or no punishment.

Sunday's gesture was different. After last year's nipple-gate scandal focusing on Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl, TV broadcasts must constantly live in fear of the FCC and its power to level fines and even revoke licenses. (The FCC regulates radio, TV and a multitude of other broadcast mediums in the U.S.) So, seconds after the analysts in the FOX booth witnessed Moss' antics, the ruthlessly jumped to conclusions by verbally bashing Moss...

After Moss scored to make it 31-17, Vikings... Daryl, did that TD celebration cross the line in your book? And should Moss have been penalized for it? (See the celebration)

DARYL: That is more disturbing than leaving the field early. It is totally unacceptable. The league will fine him, but it is only money to a guy like Randy. Make a statement and suspend him for the game next week if the Vikings win.

This commentary above, coupled with the verbal bashing by the in-booth broadcast team of Joe Buck, Troy AIkman & Cris Collinsworth and one-sided jabbing by the in-studio team of Jimmy Johnson, Terry Bradshaw, Howie Long and James Brown comes from the same network that has brought us such non-stellar shows as Who's Your Daddy? and Playing it Straight. Are they really in the position to ridicule the actions of one person?

Sure, America is still, supposedly, the home of free speech but with the actions of FOX yesterday, I would lean towards the opinion that if you do even the smallest thing that is controversial, FOX will berate you for it.

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