Tuesday, January 18, 2005

FOX goes from cutting edge to crap

I've said it many times before here and thousands of times in my day to day conversations. THERE'S NOTHING ON!

Sure, once in a while a rare gem springs up but all too often these same gems are swiftly wiped from the already dumbed down network schedules and replaced with yet another reality program.

This year, however, appears to be different. The reality heavy FOX network is planted solidly fourth in the ratings among the big four networks. Even executives at the network are saying that they made mistakes relying so heavily on reality fare.

The success stories of the 2004-05 season are on ABC. The alphabet network has successfully pulled itself out of last place among the large networks with two wildly successful shows (which I just so happen to watch). 'Desperate Housewives' and the Wednesday night drama/sci-fi/adventure 'Lost' are two of a handful of success stories in the ever declining world of network television.

With juggernauts such as 'Friends' gone and 'Everybody Loves Raymond' in its final season, scripted comedies seem to have been left by the wayside. I cannot think of a night during the week that is without some sort of reality programming. Hell, ABC even has their entire Monday schedule devoted to reality programs. One, 'Extreme Makeover: Home Edition: How'd They Do That?', is a reality show ABOUT a reality show. How does that happen?

Let's hope, for the sanity of couch potatoes everywhere, that the chiefs at the TV networks wake up and quit force feeding us shows about marrying someone with every minute detail leading up to it filmed or mindless series devoted to discovering the next boxing champ. We all (OK, maybe 5 or 10 people) saw how that turned out.

Flush the crap. Scripted entertainment will always be tops with me.

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