Monday, January 31, 2005

February, good or otherwise, looms just beyond the horizon

It is nearing the end of January which can mean just one thing. February begins tomorrow. It is the shortest month of the year, and for that I am grateful. It is the type of month that I could do without.

I could do without it for the simple fact that February is when the president of the United States gives his annual state of the union address. It is the typical partisan political event when all members of the house of representatives and the senate stand and applaud... endlessly... and frequently about each and every powerful but meaningless statement he speaks in his carefully and prewritten speach. These words, though, are not his own. He is simply a puppet being fed words by someone who actually has has a mastery of the engligh language and, thusly, words comrised of multiple syllables.

The words he speaks have little to no weight to them. They will serve as talking points for the upcoming week and will eventually be looked back upon by analysts and critics when mistakes happen and problems arise.

This speach, unfortunately, is broadcast by all of the major networks as well as a number of cable news outlets in an effort to inform Americans. It is a great effort but it goes relatively unnoticed by the hordes of Americans jonesing for their next fix of raspy voiced twenty-somethings on American Idol or another installment of some unlucky family who endures the torture of having their mother or wife swapped with that of another family for SEVEN WHOLE DAYS! The horror. But the drones continue to tune in rather than be informed enough about the plans and direction of our country to care when it comes around to election time.

Maybe this year suburbanites and rural citizens alike will tune in, pay attention and listen for, GASP, 90 minutes about those plans and goals for our country. Hopefully they will also stay tuned for the opposing analysises after the carefully crafted speach.

If citizens fail to pay attention, this may well lead our country in a direction which we would rather not veer.

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