Wednesday, January 12, 2005

EVERYTHING gets proofread at newspapers

The hacks at Powerline just can't let things go. But, I suppose, that's what makes blogs blogs.

The seemingly endless attacks on Star Tribune columnist Nick Coleman keep coming. In the linked post, one of the bloggers (whose nickname might suggest sexual preference, but I digress) implies that Coleman wrote the column in an impaired state. They also go on to imply that the column was not read by an editor.

I can tell you, through personal experience, that EACH ITEM PRINTED gets read at least twice. I have worked since graduating college at newspapers and know how they work. They don't simply accept anything that an employee has written and publish it.

Get your facts straight before you write any more slanderous remarks about the industry in which I am employed. I have the spine to publicly admit my ties, let's get the tikes at Powerline to do the same.

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