Friday, January 07, 2005

Dumbass tries suing Apple

Some dipshit is trying to sue Apple because he is pissed that his iTunes purchased music can supposedly only be played back on an iPod.

Huh, funny, last time I checked you can play the music bought at the iTunes Music Store on your computer, an iPod and it can even, get this, be burned onto a CD. Yes, a freaking CD! Some dumbass is just looking to pull down a few quick bucks beacuse he is too damned stupid to put the tracks onto a CD which, last time I checked, costs the whole sum of about 10 cents.

Burn it to a CD, rip it back to your more than likely crappy little PC and you can then import it into some shitty MP3 player (which ONLY plays MP3s) and holds 256 MB of (removable) data. Huh, funny, the iPod we have cost $300, has 1600 tunes on it and is only 1/3 full. I can also load up other types of files, it has some games and is pretty kick ass. 20 GB for $300. Beat that with your shitty Rio MP3 player or that new Sony MP3 player which, again, only plays crap bought from the Sony Music store.

If you don't like the way something works, don't use it and shut your damn whiny mouth. Go piss off someone else.

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