Friday, January 14, 2005

Cold weather makes people cold

I am actually glad that our closing date for the house got pushed back. It's simply too damn cold this weekend to move my own body much less all of our possessions. The entire process of arriving at where we are at has been nothing short of pure hell but in the end we got a much better price. However, we are taking quite a hit on the payments because of having to suck up items such as closing costs and assessments to make the deal work. Even with those added items, we are coming in a few thousand dollars under our initial bid.

Come next weekend, we will officilly live smack dab in the middle of nowhere. The house is large but is nobody is around to see it, is it really large?

I keep thinking, too, about the items we will now need. A lawnmower for one. But in Minnesota, the first lawn mowing doesn't normally take place until the first week of May. I feel the need for a gas grill, preferably stainless steel. The list goes on to include items such as a Shop Vac, some power tools, a kerosene heater for the garage when I do car work during the winter months, shelving (metal of course) for storage in the basement, a storage unit for our DVDs and CDs, new coffee table/end table set to match the 'feel' of this stylish home and lastly and most likely - an area rug for the living room. A rather large area rug to be specific.

I have yet to nail down a trailer and dolly to make the moving easier. The worst item will be the ginormous TV. The TV that weighs somewhere around what I would expect an overweight sumo wrestler to weigh. The TV that a team of coked up elephants would still be unable to move, even after drinking barrels of Jolt cola. The TV weighs alot. That's an understatement.

I am not worried about getting the job done. I am confident. If I can survive temperatures of -17 degrees (which it is this morning), I can survive anything. Moving is a piece of cake.

And if anyone feel like aiding us, I am accepting donations in the form of cold, hard cash. (Of course, any cash would be both cold and hard when the temperature dips to -17 degrees)

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