Friday, January 14, 2005

Bush admits catchphrase errors

For a man who has a hard time forming complete sentences much of the time, it is simply amazing that Bush has come clean and is admitting that some of his popular self-coined phrases were poorly timed or not thought out.

Phrases such as 'Mission Accomplished", "Bring 'Em On" and "Dead or Alive" were poorly phrased. It reaffirms the opinions of many that Bush is just another steadfire gool 'ole boy of no substance with a bunch of slick and down-home phrases that the dumbed-down population of American can understand and relate to.

It is just too bad that these phrases and his gool 'ole boy attitude actually may have won him this term in office (this time around). Not too bad for only being rightfully elected once - (soon to be) 8 years in office, one ruined country, trillions in debt racked up. Keep up the poor work Bush.

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