Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Another reason not to bank with TCF

A few weeks back, I wrote about the blog titled Powerline. Its right-wing team of writers that continually back the most extreme views and every word said by any Republican no matter how extreme, morally wrong or factually incorrect the statements are.

The story continues to get more involved.

This week, TCF Bank (which one of the Powerline bloggers is V.P. of) made a statement that they are withdrawing ALL of their advertising from the largest newspaper in the state, the Star Tribune. Some are even speculating that TCF funds may be bankrolling a portion of the needed funds for Powerline.

With ties that dangerously close, I would tread very lightly if I were involved in TCF or Powerline. The lines of nearly everything are blurred in today's world. I would urge TCF to remove itself from political arguments or risk losing a percentage of customers who would rather bank in a non-political atmosphere.

TCF's actions are childish. The demands of (Strib columnist) Coleman are disrespectful. Coleman is a respected journalist with numerous years of service to the metro area. Powerline is a one-sided web site with three businessmen of questionable ties between their fantasy world of blogging incessantly and being employees of their respective companies.

Clean it up Powerline.

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