Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Almost back

So far in the past week I have survived the visitation of one of my best friends. The funeral of that same friend. The near-disaster from a rejected appraisal just hours from our appointed closing time of our home. An eight-inch snowfall that same day. Utter exhaustion from moving all of our possessions with little sleep and incomplete and infrequent meals. And most recently crises from lack of monetary funding (cash) and the absence of cable TV and internet access.

Thankfully for the funeral, a close circle of friends and even the mother of one of my friends attended making that ordeal that much more bearable.

With the snowstorm, my brother-in-law plowed our driveway.

For the grand move we had the help of my parents and Mary's family.

And cable and internet arrives tomorrow.

A return to normal isn't far off.

Until then, cheerio...

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