Thursday, December 09, 2004

Yay, I am digitally obese

How digitally obese are you? Those pesky Brits appear to be very digitally obese. Yea, everyone has some sort of shiny electronic device if you are remotely technically able to connect with today's world. With the number of computers being produced and sold higher than ever, everyone seems to have something saved digitally.

I am no different. With me it's about 10 MB of e-mails in my online account. I have20 GB of video, music and image files on my PC. The iMac has many of the same music files but a more complete library from my CDs and those of a friend. That adds up to around 25 GB of music - 5 GB of which lives on our iPod too. Factor in that up until a month ago there was about 25 GB of home movie footage stored - until I finished making the DVDs - and that accounts for alot of digital stuff. I am not even mentioning the numerous folders full of PDF files of my work samples to assemble into my grand portfolio. If you live digitally, you tend to be a packrat even without noticing.

Many people save old magazines. Others hoard digital files. Factor in the 15 or so compact flash cards for our digital camera - 10 of which are sitting in front of me totally full - and I am a packrat. On my left is a stack of CDs which were ripped to the iMac last night. To my right are some blank DVDs for backing up those same digital music files. Yep, maybe I am digitally obese just like those damn Brits.

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