Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Tales from the weekend

Over the weekend we celebrated a touch of Christmas with some of Mary's friends. I was unaware of this celebration until some point Friday night but by late Saturday afternoon after watching a movie and taking care of some odd jobs we ventured out into the cold Minnesota air to buy some provisions for the evening ahead.

I decided that we needed Salsa, cheese dip and tortilla chips to go along with the chicken chili that was being brought. Having never had chicken chili, I was at the least apprehensive about exactly what it would be. I never know what to expect from the cooking of others as I even shy away from my creations at times. I know that a person should have an open mind and be willing to try new things but some recipes in the world don't even deserve to be given to enemies, much less experimented on by using friends.

After leaving the local Super Target with $40 worth of provisions, we ventured back to our apartment. I unpacked the bags of mainly grocery items and we decided to make sugar cookies for the evening as well. Our little secret was that these cookies would come from a bag of cookie mix. Betty Crocker saves the day again.
Soon, people arrived and began chatting. Everyone, for some reason, always seems to end up in the kitchen. All I can say is that our current kitchen is not designed to accommodate 8 people within its walls. It is lunacy to even attempt this magical feat. We tried it anyhow.

The real meat of this story, though, revolves around a question to a statement I made at some point during the night. During the course of conversation, I stated that we had made a trip to Target earleir in the day to buy a few groceries for the evening. I also stated that the clerk appeared a tad frazzled and the store was rather busy for almost 5 PM. The question asked was if we had gone to Mankato or Burnsville's Target store.
Where do I begin with tearing this statement apart? First off, you cannot buy groceries at either of these Target stores. Secondly, why in the damn hell would I drive to Mankato in the freezing cold? Mankato, from where we live, is a solid hour's drive. What would possess a sane individiual to drive that distance on the busiest shopping weekend of the entire year? More importantly, what would possess someone to ask this sort of insane question? And about Burnsville, no. Simply no. No way. I wouldn't venture within the boundaries of this suburb during the month of December. Particularly on a weekend. I dislike the general demeanor of that suburb. During the month of December, its residents and those shopping there become flat out retarded. Mentally handicapped for those who wish to be politically correct.

That about sums things up. I did, however, receive Simpsons Jeopardy! which requires a minimum of 3 players. It is currently packed up in preparation for the impending move. Less than 3 weeks now. In 3 weeks apartment living can pucker up and kiss my smooth ass. I won't miss it and I'm and fairly sure it won't miss me.

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