Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Rehashing December and the lack of Christmas spirit

Yea, I've said it before but this particular area this year seems to be lacking in the Christmas Spirit. I see it almost nowhere. The number of Christmas lights strung on trees, fences, houses, bushes and mail boxes is far less than previous years. I was informed today, too, that I would likely be sent home early on Thursday. While it may only be a handful of hours (3 or so), it will definitely be noticeable on my upcoming paycheck. Especially with what is coming in the new year.

Yep. We close on our first... house... ever... on January 14th. Provided everything goes smoothly, we will get alot of our 'stuff' moved in on that Friday, too. By my calculations, judging on other times I have moved, the weather will suck. The first time I moved was over Labor Day weekend. It must have been 90 degrees. The sun beat down 'til we were limp and drenched in sweat. It didn't, however, keep me from attending a Sunday night party that time and having a blast knowing I had a short trek home as opposed to a 7 mile drive in the dead of the night.

The second time I moved was over the Memorial Day weekend. That, too, was hot. I packed up all my worldly belongings and moved into a friend's upstairs. He was a great guy, and still is, for letting me spend a year there. He also saved my ass with incredibly cheap rent when funds weren't all that plentiful for that particular year. Which leads me to another move.

This time, it was just a couple of days after Memorial Day (we were hung over and it... was... HOT!) and I moved into what I like to refer to as my ghetto pad. It was just feet from the frequently flooding river and stunk like hogs on days when the wind blew in a particular direction. The rent was cheap and I stuck it out until a new job came through for me. Eight months later, I was doing the move again.

This time it brought me to the big city (relatively speaking). I moved for a better job. I deserved more money and wanted a new challenge and got just that. That time I moved on the end of January and it snowed 6 inches the night before I was moving. It was the really sloppy sort of snow that stuck to everything and was more like slush than snow. The 2 hour drive in that crap made me bitter. I was beginning to hate moving. My entertainment center got scratched and my desk' structural integrity had been 'compromised'. Ok, the poor bastard wiggled and shook like a 90-year-old with bad knees.

The next time I moved brought me to the apartment I am in currently. The ceiling in the bedroom of my previous apartment began to crumble and fall due to a rather large water problem and I was given a bigger apartment on the same floor - just down the hall to boot. That was a hurried 3 hours of work. Nothing got damaged but it was just such a hassle.

Now the same rental company which upgraded my living space for me is screwing me by forcing me to pay ent for the month of February. This is after I gave notice of our vacating the building at the end of my lease at the end of January. On top of that, they are telling me that the rent will be increased that month, too. I am postponing dealing with this situation but will likely just throw up my hands in the end after much arguing and lose my deposit. I sounds like my last resort but is the likely outcome.

So, there you have it. The tale of my frequent moves and the lack of Christmas this year. Maybe I would see the Christmas spirit if my windshield washer fluid would make it out of the reservoir and onto my windshield. Is that too much to ask?

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