Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Presidential recount in Ohio finished... for now...

The Ohio presidential election recount is complete but without an independent investigation into the alleged inaccuracies with voting machines, the same mistakes are being repeated twice.


Voting machines. Technology allowed them to be created. Computers are now the foundation of America on numerous levels. The machines were supposed to make voting more accurate by eliminating human error in our voting process. It would be fine if the machines were maintained by someone not affiliated with a company who had contributed money to a certain political party. Currently, when it comes to election judges, they are volunteers. They may have leanings and favoritisms towards one particular political party but they are independent. They have little or nothing to gain by being election judges. These people are simply out to serve their country.

With traditional ballots, there is a paper trail and a physical piece of evidence to grasp if questions arise. There is material evidence to fall back on should questions arise about the count of votes. That is where the voting machines failed. There were ties to companies with distinct political interests. There was no way of backing up the supposed number of votes cast. There were rather large inaccuracies in the number of votes cast in certain precincts. Without the elimination or, at least, the improvement of our voting process it will be forever in doubt when the totals are released.

Since when are results needed nearly instantaneously? In the information age, we demand things instantly. We also demand accuracy from our technology. Let's make the vote accurate and investigate the machines in Ohio. Do it before this sort of fiasco gets us in a much worse situation than we already find ourselves in.

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