Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The next four years

What will this country look like in four years? Will it be much like what we deal with day to day in current times, will it advance or will it be worse? The question I should ask is will it be significantly worse?
With the president stating that as a government, they must attack the unfunded liability of social security, that should clarify your answer somewhat.

Imagine a world without social security in place. Picture the group of baby boomers heading closer to retirement age each day. Now picture them without the social security funds to draw on each month that both us current 20-somethings and older workers contribute to with each passing paycheck. Imagine each American having to fund their own retirement. Would that actually happen or would there be an enormous increase of homeless 60-somethings all of a sudden?

I think you can figure out the answer to that question, too. Imagine what America would look like with a rather large percentage of retirees being forced into homeless shelters because their social security funds, funds which they contributed to for 30-plus years, weren't there for them to draw from. Now I for one am aware that when I retire, social security may very well not be around. I am planning for that. We have a joint IRA fund, a money market account, savings bonds and my 401(k) program through my employer. Even those funds will fall short. We are depending, too, on my family's farm as a supplementary source of income. Not everyone has that luxury, though.

Imagine that college loans and grants were suddenly done away with. How few graduating high school seniors would attend college knowing that they were unable to apply for grants or student loans? These programs are something that the current president will likely put on the chopping block so he can increase funding to the military while supporting his tax cut which I have seen nothing of. In the past year, in fact, I have less money than before his supposed tax cuts.

I am afraid for our country. Four more years of the true George W. Bush. If you thought the first four years were bad, envision the next four when he is running the country as a man with nothing to lose. He doesn't have to worry about being re-elected in 2008. The worst is yet to come.

Vote smart in 2006. Vote for more education funding. A vote against it is a vote for more outsourcing as the rest of the world is better educated and more productive for lower wages. We need to be more conpetitve. We need to fight the next four years with every ounce of strength we have.

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