Friday, December 03, 2004

Jobs being created more slowly

It isn't a good sign that the number of jobs being created is less than experts predicted but it just goes to prove that Bush was lying. He kept telling his faithful followers (blind and deaf, slow-witted Americans from southern states) that the economy is improving. Ok, it has shown growth but is lagging behind what experts call a true recovery. The standard of the 2.3 million jobs created since August of 2003 is far less than that of those lost in the three years previous. The type of jobs lost were hi-tech manufacturing jobs, they were well paying jobs with superb benefits. The jobs being created are service-industry jobs which pay far less than a livign wage and have few if any benefits.

The man or woman who was manufacturing computer components for Seagate at $20.00/hr with a great 401k package, a full range of health insurance and two or more weeks of paid vacation is now helping you find a 2x4 to build your new deck at the Home Depot. The individual helping you buy your lumber has the pleasure of working 32 hours per week so they do not have to be paid benefits and makes a paltry $8.00 per hour while doing so.

If you still have a job that pays well and has benefits - cherish it. Work hard to keep it and if you see injustices within your company, speak up. Most importantly, though, keep fighting for political change. The next round of elections are in less than two years.

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