Thursday, December 30, 2004

Blog of the year awarded, turns out to be bile slinging shit-fest

Local columnist Nick Coleman has a great take on the blog which captured 'Blog of the Year' honors. Like Coleman, I work at a newspaper. I could be considered a part of the mainstream media if i actually worked in the reporting or editorial portions of the paper. But as I have said numerous times before, I am a graphic artist. And this is far more than a newspaper. Our little chain of papers leans two different directions. Sure, the newspapers still cover the news with great depth, not to mention the tremendous sports coverage of nearly every local game one could imagine - right down to lacrosse matches. However, the second part of the newspapers is more of a multimedia company. We produce a wide variety of informational and advertising pieces as well as websites.

If anything, I am more removed from the news than ever before. Taking this job allowed me to relieve myself of webmaster duties at my previous job. Those duties kept me deeply inside what was happening in the newsroom. I posted and tweaked stories for the online portion of the paper, created print-to-web tie-ins and moderated the forums. I received numerous compliments on my hands-off approach style of moderating. I never once spouted off with my opinion on the news or other's opinions for that matter.

But things have changed. I am now a regular reader of multiple news sources and now regularly spout off with my take on the happenings of the world. I keep much of it local, too. Now I can rip the living shit out of these so-called 'experts' at Powerline (who even write with handy little made-up handles of Big Trunk and Hind Rocket). These corporate powers (likely millionaires, too) have the time and audacity to spout their feeble mouths off about one local columnist's OPINION about their creation. It is his right, as it is their's to have an opinion, to say exactly how he feels about a topic as timely as the Time Magazine award for Blog of the Year.

To me, this just proves that America is changing drastically. When a supposedly blaanced magazine as Time hands out an award to a Blog which annihilated Dan Rather's storied career and has also named the current president as Person of the Year, something is wrong.

Minnesota, for decades, has been known as a working class state. Working class values typically aligned with the Democratic philosophy. I didn't want to turn this into a rant about political affiliations but Powerline's party affiliations are overtly transparent. Some of the names mentioned include Salem Radio talk host Hugh Hewitt (who is pals with another local, but less annoying columnist/blogger) who was quoted as calling Coleman's work 'Shoddy'.

Just take a look at the imaginary conversation from the Star Tribune offices which the wannabes at Powerline dreamt up regarding the recent tsunami in the Indian Ocean. Oh, whatever would we do without this valiant news source? Well, of course, life would be better. Bastards. Life would be better if the little pricks at Powerline would get back to their jobs as Lawyer and Bank Vice President. God knows I wouldn's bank or ask for legal advice from either of these piss-ants.

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Anonymous said...

I live in Minnesota and has not been "for decades" a working class state. It was " for decades" considered to be a liberal state. For many years before--going back to the late 19th century-- it was a populist state. Before that, the people here were Republicans. Now, Minnesota is 1/2 liberal and 1/2 conservative. The cities of Minneapolis and St Paul are liberal as is the northeast, formerly a mining area. The rest of the state --the suburbs and rural areas-- primarily conservative. Michigan is a working class state. Sheesh.