Monday, December 06, 2004

Americans troubled by eloquent speech

Why is it when people in America compare republicans and democrats, they say that the voices on the radio airwaves (which are few and far between) for the democrats/liberals are loud and one-sided? Maybe they need to listen to the bile-spewing radio hosts which support the republican/conservative agenda. Rush Limbaugh (conservative talk host) is the epitome of a one-sided talking head who ramps up the agenda of those he supports and beats down anything he doesn't agree with.

The only thing different about the liberal talk show hosts on the radio is that they at least make an attempt to let both sides be heard. I, for one, am sick of the people who say that liberals are wishy-washy and flip-floppers and any other two-word combination of derogative terms. The best that the conservatives can come up with to hold the tiny attention spans of the Americans that vote for them are two-word phrases. That explains to me just how sad of a state the country is in.

People, during the presidential election, ran down Kerry and Edwards (democratic candidate and running mate) by saying that Kerry was too "preachy" and didn't connect with the average American voter. He was too much of an eloquent speaker. Why is that such a bad thing? Since when is being well-spoken a bad thing?
I like to think of myself as being educated. I attended college and had superb grades throughout high school and college. I can speak well if the occassion arises but I use my speaking abilities to fit the surroundings. I can dumb things down when they need to be dumbed down. I can also fit in with people who have more life experience than myself due to their being twich my age. It is a fine line.

Is that what America has come to? Does a person with an average education (myself) need to adapt to their surroundings when they vary so as not to come off as arrogant and thusly be rejected due to the fact that those listening can't digest the words being used.

Maybe that's what the liberal side of America needs. A dumbed down, good ole' boy who can be as folkish as their opponent. Someone who can coin catchy phrases that stick in the short attention span that their opponent is appealing to. Then, and only then, will the playing field be leveled. The average soccer mom and NASCAR fan will then be able to understand the message - even if their truly isn't one being put forth to understand.

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