Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Trade trash for treasure

We all remember a few weekends back when Ashlee Simpson was found out for the true fraud that she is.

Now something can be done about it. If you were ignorant enough to handily dispose of $14.88 for one of the lip synching black oil rat mullet sporting teen actor's CDs, you can trade it in for a CD of someone who doesn't lip synch. A New York organization has set up a trade-in program for people who would like to experience music by performers who actually sing on stage.

The likes of The Ramones, Ray Charles, X, Jimmy Page, Elvis Costello and others can be had for your Simpson CD.

Remember in the future, if you find yourself buying the CD of a teen actor who has also had a reality show about their self or a sibling - think twice and sleep on your decision to purchase that CD.

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