Friday, November 19, 2004

That's alotta photos

Who says that photos are worth a thousand words? Actually the sayin goes "A picture is worth a thousand words".

Well to wrap your mind around this, our desire to have a recollection of every aspect of our wedding day and a photographer who doubles as one helluva salesman sold us just over $4000 in wedding photos last night. We had already paid nearly half of that so now with that on the horizon in about a month's time coupled with Christmas shopping which needs to be started, I ask one question?

Would anyone like to buy a pint of my blood?

I will be working more than usual to rake in some extra cash plus I have a bonus-situation involving a 401k account that is a long story but that cash is looking mighty tempting - especially with a car that runs rough (still) and has a burned out headlight and has for the past month. It makes driving home each night in darkness an interesting voyage.

Remember, the donation button is still at the bottom...

Help a hardworking guy out and share the blessings this holiday season.

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