Monday, November 22, 2004

SNL begins to redeem itself

On Saturday night, as I stayed up late, I was treated to some of the best musical entertainment I have witnessed on TV in the 21st century. U2 was the musical guest on Saturday Night Live and they were at the top of their game. Especially fine to hear from a band whose career has spanned 25 years.

Whereas most bands perform one or sometimes two songs, U2 raised the bar. They played the show out with "I Will Follow" and Bono running through parts of the audience chanting 'Live, Live, Live...' in a way professing that U2 is the real face of live music. They even cut into a 4th song as the shows credits came to a close.

All in all, I have begun to regain some respect for SNL and live music on TV in general. U2 will always be a great band. They are innovative and energetic. Their previous album which contained 'Elevation' and a stockpile of Grammy-winners will go down as one of the best albums of the past 20 years. No other band can lay claim to winning Grammy Awards for two consecutive years from the same album. They have staying power I hope that when they do end their careers, that they do so in grand fashion. They will be the band that is the mainstay of classic rock 20+ years from now.

I just hope that SNL books more reputable bands like U2 in the future to carry on the rich musical tradition of 30+ years of that late-night sketch show.

On a related note, after SNL ended, I flipped to the local PBS station to see what was on. I was again treated as The Polyphonic Spree was on 'Austin City Limits'. They are some of the most energetic and uplifting musicians I have ever heard. Must buy the CD.

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