Thursday, November 04, 2004

Rubber meets the road

What, you ask, am I doing this weekend?

Well, normally I would say that's none of your damned business. I have a wife, we live alone, do the math.

If you finish the previous equation, let me know. Then I can tell you that you are a pervert. Pervert. Is that ALL you thing about? Come on, we have other things to tend to.

I am finally going to treat my poor, busted down car to some new and much-needed tires. It'll cost me a pretty penny but I haven't spent a dime on new tires since 1999 if my memory is still in tact. And in 1999, those were on my previous car - I just swapped wheels, sold the rims, kept the tires and they eventually ended up on my current car. About 70,000 miles later, it's time to make a change. We finally have a few bucks, never mind credit card debt, and I plan on keeping it for a while so it makes sense.

Is that boring? Soooorrrry.

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