Thursday, November 18, 2004

Oh, did I offend someone???

What the hell is the deal with everyone in this excuse for a democratic country being afraid of offending someone else?

It happened Monday night during the opening for Monday Night Football on ABC. I didn't see it firsthand but there has been plenty of discussion about the clothes-lacking 'Desperate Housewives' actress Nicolette Sherridan jumping into the arms of Terrell Owens to sway him towards skipping the game in favor of her.

It drew a number of complaints from pansy-assed American viewers who were disgusted at the filth shown during a sporting event. OH SHIT - NOT A WOMAN'S BARE BACK!?! What ever will children think when they see a woman's bare back? Have people been so sheltered as to have never watched 30 minutes of a daytime network soap opera? THere's more sex during one episode than most people engage in throughout their entire lives!

I am so fed up with people always trying to play it safe so as not to offend others.

Well, I am gonna offend some people now. Hockey players, NHL to be specific. Pick up your damn sticks, quit being a bunch of whining bitches for ONLY making 3 or so million dollars a year. I would gladly take hits and learn to ice-skate with skill and speed to pull down 3 mil a year. So quitcher damn whining and buck up!

Overly zealous republicans. Enough. Yeah, your guy won. We sorta knew it all along. I am not saying it was fixed but there were definitely some fishy happenings on voting day. You worked and worked to tear down a man who is well-spoken, hard-working, well-educated, thoughtful in conversation, intelligent and successful in what he does and what he has done throughout his life. You poured hundreds of millions of dollars into a ruthless campaign that attacked every aspect of this man. You got what you wanted so shut the fuck up for the next four years. It's the 49%'s turn to stir the fire for a few years now.

I could go on for days but these two topics are enough for today. I am busy and hard at work with at least a few more hours yet to tackle today.

P.S. - I am NOT sorry if I offended someone. I grew a spine, maybe some others should, too.

Remember, before you spout off, do the research to back up your claims. Say what's on your mind too, you'll feel better. Maybe that smarmy co-worker that gets you pissed off will get their's next...

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