Friday, November 05, 2004

The OC returns, gets even more interesting

It is a rarity when I have little to say.

If you thought today was a rarity, you better take three steps back into reality before I shake my bag of magic beads at you.

Now that the political season has calmed, for a few days anyway, I have returned to a pattern of subtlety and blandness. I have relegated myself, once again, to being firmly anchored to my couch for at least a couple hours each night while my mind soaks in the details of fictional characters with lives much more interesting in one hour than I could have in and entire year.

Take, for instance, The OC. It returned for its second season last night and I watched it.

Some may think it is weak or pansy-like for a grown (using that term loosely) male to indulge in what is essentially a prime-time soap opera but it is entertainment. On our limited budget at my house, TV is what sets our minds free from the average, mundane happenings of everyday life.

Last night, as a couple, we sat down to soak up the lives of the oh-so-complex characters of The OC. At the end of last season Seth, the broody emo-loving nerd, had set sail to escape life in Newport. His new best friend and live in adoptive wrong-side-of-the-tracks tough guy Ryan had left Newport to return to the L.A. neighborhood of Chino to support his ex-girlfriend Teresa whom he had gotten pregnant while split from his own Newport girlfriend, Marissa.

Oh, how tangled their lives are.

It turns out that Seth ended up in Portland with a guy who had once been his enemy, Luke. Luke moved to live with his gay father who, after being outed, felt leaving was his only option for acceptance.

Sandy, Seth's father, visits Ryan at his new job to tell him that he is going to try to bring Seth back to Newport and that Ryan should come along.

They cross paths in Portland as Sandy is leaving and Seth is arriving. During his time in Portland, Ryan receives a call from Teresa that she has lost the baby (a lie, we learn) and to make a long story short, Ryan and Seth both make their way back to the Cohen home in Newport but the underlying story is that Sandy's father in-law, Caleb (who is married now to Marissa's mom who once had an affair with Luke) is in some SERIOUS legal trouble that could possibly bring down the Cohen family (with Kirstin's ties to her father's company) and should make for some interesting stories as Julie, Marissa's mom and Caleb's new wife, is a money-grubbing whore.

It's a complicated way to start things but I'll keep the updates on this particular naughty treat coming as the season continues.

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